Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty
Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty

Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty- Temporary Residence Visa | Work Permit

Under Decree-Law No. 3 of 2008, Panama grants a temporary residence permit renewable for up to 6 years as well as a work permit in Panama to foreign applicants who work in a Panamanian company with 3 to 10 Panamanian national workers and need to hire foreign personnel.

Requirements for work permit under Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty (Law No. 23 of July 15, 1997)

  • Power of attorney and request by attorney, original and copy, notarized, signed by the company and the requesting worker.
  • Working contract to celebrate with the worker as indicated in article 68 of Cabinet Decree No. 252 of December 30, 1971; (Original).
  • Operations Notice of the employing company, except in the case of natural or juridical persons listed in the twentieth article.
  • Certificate issued by the General Directorate of Public Registry, where the legal entity of the company is stated (Original).
  • Legible photocopy of the Social Security Statement for the month prior to the filing date, with the original to be compared (with proof of payment).
  • Issued certificate by the National Service of Migration and Naturalization where the migratory status of the applicant is stated, (B/.8.00 of stamps).
  • Legible photocopy of the migration and naturalization card or legible photocopy of the personal identification card of the applicant if he/she is carrying it, authenticated by the National Direction of Identification.
  • Legible photocopy of the passport, in the part where the applicant’s general information is included, in force.
  • Four (4) passport size photos with the applicant’s name written on the back.
  • If the applicant is a foreign expert or technical worker, he/she must be accompanied by the documents described in article seven.
  • Only one foreigner is allowed on the payroll for this type of permit.
  • Note: It is granted for a term of one (1) year, extendable for the same term.

What is the Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty about?

The Marrakech temporary residence permit for labor reasons in Panama is designed for private companies willing to hire foreign personnel to perform trustworthy tasks within the contracting company within 6 years, since this permit does not grant the possibility of requesting permanent residence for the foreigner.

Marrakech Treaty visa in Panama must be renewed every year, in other words, annually for a total period of up to 6 years.

All foreign employees applying for the Marrakesh visa in Panama must be hired with a monthly salary at least one thousand dollars.

Furthermore, each time the foreigner renews the temporary residence permit under the Marrakesh Agreement, he/she must provide evidence of payment of the last 9 installments of the mandatory social security along with the rest of the legal requirements.

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What are the requirements to obtain a Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty?

May apply for this permit a foreigner hired by a company under the Marrakech Agreement, earning a salary of not less than one thousand balboas (B/.1000.00) per month.

As stated in Decree Law No. 3 of February 22, 2008 in Section 8a, Article 92:


  • Power of Attorney through a Panamanian attorney as well as the application drafted by the attorney must be submitted (both documents must be notarized).
  • Five (5) passport size photographs with white background are required.
  • Copy of the complete passport, including the front and back cover, must be verified before a Panamanian Notary Public or corresponding Authority.
  • Police Record or Criminal Record Verification of the country for the last 5 years of residence. This document must be “original”, “official”, “updated” and “authenticated” (see explanation of these terms below).
  • Health Certificate with at least 3 months of validity (Issued by Panamanian doctor or Panamanian health center, available at private clinics in Panama).
  • Certified Check for B/250.00 in favor of the National Treasury (To be purchased directly at the bank).
  • Certified Check for B/800.00 in favor of the National Immigration Service (purchased directly at the bank).
  • Personal Background Affidavit Form (to be provided by us).
  • Employment Contract endorsed by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Work Letter on company letterhead, signed by the company’s legal representative, stating the representative of the company, stating position and salary.
  • A copy of the Notice of Operation of the Company.
  • Simple copy of the Certificate of good standing of the company issued by the Public Registry. Public Registry.
  • Work Permit.
  • Proof of affiliation to the Social Security Fund and copy of the card.
  • National Income Tax Return of the company.
Can children or spouses also obtain a residence permit with the principal applicant?

It is important to note that within the application for the residence permit through the Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty may include dependents, which are those persons of the first degree of consanguinity (parents, children, spouses) of the applicant, who may also obtain a permanent residence permit in Panama based on the permit of the main applicant.

Dependent children may only apply if they are unmarried and under 25 years of age. Those over 18 years of age must be studying in Panama.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements to apply for the Marrakech agreement visa in Panama each of the dependents must also provide the following for each:

  • Letter of responsibility (this is a document drafted by our lawyer specialized in immigration procedures in Panama).
  • Proof of relationship:
  • In the case of children of the applicant, the birth certificate of each one must be provided and this document must be apostilled.
  • If the dependent is a child over 18 years of age, a certificate of unmarried status and proof of certified studies must be presented.
  • If the dependent is a child under 18 years of age, he/she will not need to present the criminal record certificate, but if he/she is over 18 years of age, he/she will need to present it.
  • In the case of requesting a father and/or mother as a dependent, the applicant must provide his/her own apostilled birth certificate showing the name of his/her parents.
  • In case the dependent is a spouse, the applicant must provide an apostilled marriage certificate.
  • They will have to provide a proof of domicile that can be a receipt of light or water of their property in Panama.

Tips to start legal procedures in Panama

  • If possible, meet in person at the law firm’s business premises.
  • Request a professional services contract with your attorney.
  • If you decide to work with an independent attorney, check your attorney’s credentials against the Supreme Court’s database.

The benefits of having permanent residency through Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty are as follows:

benefits of having Visa in Panama for foreign hired employees by private companies within the 10 of the ordinary personnel in Panama
Benefits of the Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty
  • Obtain the work permit under the Marrakech visa agreement in Panama.
  • You will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Panamanian nationals enjoy in banks, businesses and governmental entities.
  • You will be able to renew the residence and work permit for up to 6 consecutive years.
steps to obtain permanent residency with the Visa for foreign personnel hired by private companies within the 10 of the ordinary personnel in Panama
Visa por el acuerdo de Marrakech en Panamá

What are the steps to obtain permanent residency with the Panama visa based on Marrakesh Treaty?

PHASE 1: Submission and review of requirements grouped by email.

Day 1: Interview with lawyer

Meeting with the lawyer for the review of the requirements and the payment of the fees to initiate the migratory process.

DAY 2: (Requires the presence of the foreigner)

Foreign applicant and the legal representative or his assistant appear at the Panama National Migration Service offices in order to submit the application for the Marrakesh treaty visa in Panama.

A provisional residence card will be issued to the foreign applicant on the same day, for a 6-month validity, in addition to a multiple entry and exit visa stamped in the passport that will allow him/her to enter and leave Panama without any problems and without paying any exit tax.


Normally the immigration agents will indicate you to wait 3 to 5 months while the immigration officers in charge for reviewing the documents and issuing a resolution of approval for the resident permit through the Marrakech visa agreement in Panama.

Once the immigration resolution has been issued, attorneys are notified by the Panama National Immigration Service as soon as the resolution has been issued, from that moment on, the attorney and client can and should go to the Panamanian immigration office to obtain a new provisional residency card through the Marrakech visa agreement in Panama.

This new card is a provisional permit through the foreign professional visa, it is valid for 1 year.

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  • Continuous follow-up by expert lawyers in the governmental process of the procedure of each applicant.
  • Opening of bank accounts in Panama.
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  • Consultation fees are reimbursable in the total cost of the process.

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