Panama Pensionado Program

Panama Pensionado Visa

If you have a pension of 1000 USD or more for life you can opt for permanent residency in Panama as a Pensionado and obtain it in less than 6 months with the assistance of our specialist lawyers.

We are specialist lawyers in immigration procedures in Panama.

Why consult us first?

In addition to the life pension you will need some documents apostilled and others legalized, this depending on your case as all pensions are not granted by the same institution, therefore to provide you with complete information we recommend to consult with us.


Consult with us now and save yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary paperwork and wasted time.

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We are lawyers specialized in relocation in Panama.


How much does it cost to obtain a Panama retiree visa with us?

When you apply for a retiree visa with us, generally the legal fees including government fees and attorney’s fees are between 1950 and 2200 U.S. dollars for one person.

In case you add a dependent an additional $900 to $1200 for each one.

How long does it take to obtain permanent residency as a pensioner in Panama?

The day we apply you will receive your first temporary residency card valid for 6 months which you will have to renew after 6 months, that day is when you will get your permanent residency card if you decide to apply with us.

Do I have to visit Panama for applying for the retiree visa?

Yes, you need to come to Panama to apply and you will have to stay in the country for at least 5 working days, then you can leave and enter Panama whenever you want but you should not stay more than 23 months out of the country because you will lose your permanent residency.

Is Panama a safe country?

Yes, Panama is the safest country in Central America and possibly in all of Latin America, it is very rare to see a robbery with violence or acts of violence against citizens, there is a very low rate of crimes against personal safety.


We are lawyers specialized in relocation in Panama.

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