Civil Marriage in Panama
Casarse en Panama

Civil Marriage in Panama

Getting Married in Panama

Requirements and Documents for Civil Marriage in Panama

How to get married in Panama?

In Panama nationals and foreigners can obtain civil marriage in Panama, people over 18 years of age (from anywhere in the world) can make the union through a civil legal procedure endorsed by an authorized Panamanian notary public.

The act of getting married in Panama is regularly held in a notary of the country, however in some cases the bride and groom can request the notary to transfer them to a special venue to formalize the celebration anywhere in the country.

You should know this before you get married in Panama:

The Prenuptial Agreement in Panama

A prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenuptial agreement, or prenuptial agreement, is a written legal document created by two individuals who are going to marry in Panama.

When a prenuptial agreement is made, a list of all the assets and properties owned by the spouses individually (before getting married in Panama) is included, that is: houses or other types of real estate, businesses, investments, stocks, bonds, savings accounts and also debts.

Additionally, it is specified in the document, which assets will remain as individual property, which others will be shared after the legalization of the marriage, and the intentions about the distribution of individual property if either spouse dies.

Factors that cannot be stipulated in prenuptial agreements are those related to mandatory legal issues, such as child support. In other words, a couple who is going to marry in Panama cannot agree in a prenuptial agreement who will be responsible for the payment of the support of the children, nor the amounts to contribute.

If they wish, they can perform the marriage with the help of a lawyer, this process is recommended in case of special requirements such as the separation of property before marriage.

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The Prenuptial Agreement in Panama
Acuerdo Prenupcial en Panamá

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Requirements for Civil Marriage in Panama

Those who wish to marry in Panama must meet and present documents of the following requirements:

  • Birth certificate of the spouses (of both conjugates)
  • Certificate of Singleness (of both spouses) Singles who wish to marry must deliver a certificate of singleness, nationals can obtain it at the electoral court.
  • If necessary, the certificate of singleness in Panama can also be obtained by signing an Affidavit made in front of a Notary Public of Panama and two witnesses (who are not related) and who confirm the marital status and who give proof that He or She has always had single marital status,  this also works for foreigners in Panama.
  • The spouses who are divorced or widowed, must deliver the divorce certificate or death certificate (if it is a foreigner they must be apostilled).
  • Present the Passport or CÉDULA (of both conjugues).
  • Go with 2 Panamanian witnesses who are not relatives and who must appear on the day of the marriage at the notary public.
  • Health certificate of both parties, which will include a physical check-up performed by a doctor with a medical license in Panama, and which must be performed 15 days before marriage.
  • Medical laboratory tests called PREMARITAL EXAMS, most laboratories in Panama have this package that includes:
    • Complete blood count.
    • Urinalysis.
    • Hemoglobin electrophoresis.
    • Venereal diseases (VDRL)
    • AIDS (HIV) testing
  • Both parties must deliver the aforementioned documents and either the Panama identity card or the passport to the Notary Public of Panama to perform the civil marriage ceremony legally.
  • They must appear at the notary public of Panama of choice of the spouses on the day of marriage, in some cases the notary can move to the place where you want to perform the ceremony.

Tips for starting legal procedures in Panama

  • Meet as much as possible in person at the law firm’s commercial premises.
  • Apply for a professional services contract with your attorney.
  • If you decide to work with an independent attorney, check your attorney’s credentials against the Supreme Court database.

The Benefits of Having a Panamanian Spouse as a Foreigner

Foreigners who marry a Panamanian national can obtain the PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA as Married to Panamanian National, this residence permit will grant the famous “Cédula E” and is obtained through an immigration lawyer expert in the field.

Married with Panamanian Visa
married panama visa

Cost of Civil Marriage in Panama

  1. NOTARY EXPENSES: The price of a marriage in the notary public of Panama ripples for $ 175.00 (one hundred and seventy-five US dollars) and must be paid in cash at the same notary.
  2. ATTORNEY FEES: The average legal fees charged by a lawyer to assist those interested in getting married in Panama range from USD 185 – USD 300.

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Religious Marriage in Panama

In Panama all religions are allowed so those who wish to celebrate a religious wedding can do so without any problem.

The Roman Catholic Marriage

The first requirement in Panama to perform marriage in the Roman Catholic Church is civil marriage.

Secondly, the ecclesiastical wedding, prior to this, the couple must take a pre-marriage course and at the end of it they will receive a certificate of attendance. The church asks for the Baptismal Certificates of the Spouses, delivered by the church where the baptismal acts were performed in their country of origin.  There are nine (9) parishes in Panama City where they offer this course in Spanish.

Just upon obtaining the certificate of attendance, the spouses will sign the MARRIAGE in front of the priest and two witnesses (Godparents)

The couple will be able to obtain baptismal certificates authenticated by a Bishop in someone’s country of origin. Subsequently, they must deliver a copy of the Civil Marriage Certificate made in Panama.

The Wedding or Evangelical Christian Marriage

As in the Catholic Church, the first requirement in Panama to perform marriage in the evangelical church is civil marriage.

Secondly, the wedding in the temple or Christian center, prior to this the couple must take a pre-marriage course and at the end of it they will receive a certificate of attendance. NOTE: There are numerous Christian churches in Panama with various religious aspects. Weddings in evangelical churches are made in the presence of the Pastor.

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Civil Marriage in Panama